A Message from Vice-Principal

Education today has taken many hues. It is not as simple as it used to be in the days gone by. It has to grow tremendously to keep pace with the next generation which is sharper, brighter and a more active lot-rearing to go, rearing for more.

The pivotal role of education in tandem with the conducive environment, is of paramount importance.

KDM School has been designed to hone the life skills of the children, to instill values, which remain our constant and concerted endeavor and to stimulate and empower the young minds with the right education so that they can imagine the unimaginable dream the impossible and achieve it too.

The teachers at KDM School are just one base angle of the triangle, the other base being the parents. At the apex is the child creative and curious. Our endeavor will be to work with the parents to manifest the child’s dream and help them contribute to their community and nation and the WORLD at large.